DayZ Server Control Center

Initialy forked from the Bliss server package, DayZ Server Controlcenter allows you to set up, configure and manage your own private DayZ Server.

Welcome to the DayZ Server Control Center forums!

The latest released Controlcenter version is: CC (Release Notes)
The latest supported DayZ versions is: 1.8.3 (DayZ version will depend on what maps you will be hosting.)
Beta patch 1.63.125548 is needed for hosting!

CC has support for rMod 2.1: Download for CC

rMod is only needed if you are going to run a server with vehicles,weapons etc thats banned by the DayZ code.

Please use one of the following mirrors for older CC files:
Beals MMO Haven

Thanks to the owners.

Please use the search function, read the readme and check this thread before asking your questions. The shoutbox is not a support area!
If you have problems or need help on setting up and configure your server, make sure you check out GuideZ's or Justallinoneresource's video series on it!

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